Hello, I am Balazs Koren

Husband of one, father of three, teacher of many...

Father I am proud father of three. Everything I do would be impossible without the support of my lovely wife. It is the best thing in my life to have a loud and cheerful home. I admit it is sometimes tiring a bit. :)

Teacher When I am working, I do something related to teaching. Being a father means that teaching doesn't end when I am getting home. Being a teacher is a profession 0-24. In the last 2 years I travelled around the world to bring the GeoGebra community closer together. Teaching how to use the software, when to use it and how to get involved in the community.

Geek Yes, I am a geek. I am interested for every kind of gadget. Photography gear, laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Founded androidportal.hu with 2 friends, the site is now one of the biggest Android community site in Hungary. But I do use Apple products too, iTouch.hu is the iOS part of me.

Hobbies Every kind of sport what has to do something with rolling or sliding, it is likely, that I tried it. Inline Skating, freeline, windsurf, sailing, snowboard, ski, just to name a few examples. I like to take photos, traveling, concerts, portraits, etc.

English language


German language


Hungarian language

Mother tongue


Teacher, keynote speaker at many mathematics, education, Android, or smartphone. In English and in Hungarian.


Teaching with GeoGebra, presentations, workshops, etc.


User and theme developer. Some basic plugins. Using it from version 1.5.


Maintaining LAMP servers, newly NGINX + PHP5-FPM


Co-founder of Androidportal.hu, the biggest Android community site in Hungary.


Familiar with Drupal 6 and 7. Themes, basic module creating skills.

Mac OS X

Using it from 10.4. Owner and contributor to iTouch.hu, the Hungarian iPod touch/iPhone/iPad blog.

Windows OS

Familiar with Windows XP, 7 and 8

IT Project manager

Sep 2013 - PresentGeoGebra

Managing software development. Improving GeoGebraTube, creating maths and STEM materials aligned to the Hungarian national curriculum.


Jan 2013 - Sep 2013GeoGebra Hungary Ltd.

Budapest is the new centre for community building within GeoGebra. Leading a small team of 4. Establishing the base of the GeoGebra international community development.

Assistant lecturer

Feb 2012 - PresentEötvös Lóránd University, Budapest

Teaching mathematics for BA/BSC mathematicians and mathematics teacher students.

Community Manager

Jul 2011 - Sep 2013GeoGebra

Started the official GeoGebra blog, improved social media presence of GeoGebra. Organizing local and remote conferences worldwide.

Mathematics teacher

Sep 2005 - Sep 2013Budai Középiskola

Teaching mathematics and IT in English and Hungarian.


Feb 2002 - Kobak 2002 bt.

Small IT company, which specializes in building websites (mostly CMS, Wordpress and Drupal based websites), webhosting and system administrating (LINUX based servers). Portfolio at ultimate.hu.

System Administrator

Sep 2000 - Dec 2011Deák Téri Evangélikus Gimnázium

Responsible for the school's IT system. 3 Linux servers, 2 IT classrooms with linux clients, teacher PCs and laptops with Windows OS.

System Administrator

Jun 2010 - Dec 2011Nagyitas, Hetilap kft.

Nagyitas was a weekly released cultural newspaper in Hungary. One server, ca. 25 client machines with Windows and Mac OS.

Eötvös Lóránd University

2001 – 2005

Mathematics teacher MSC


1998 – 2001


Deák Téri Evangélikus Gimnázium

1994 – 1998

Secondary school, final exam

GeoGebra conference

September 2013 Port Elisabeth, South Africa

Presentation at the Nelson Mandela University in Port Elisabeth. Meeting with the GeoGebra representatives.

Cyprus GeoGebra conference

June 2013 Nicosia, Cyprus

Presentation in Nicosia at the university. Meeting with the GeoGebra representatives.

NCTM Denver

April 2013 Denver, USA

Organizing the GeoGebra stand at the NCTM exhibition in Denver.

MERLOT conference

April 2013 Las Vegas, USA

Presentation and representing GeoGebra, the award winner in the Math category. More information.

Mathematics education conference

March 2013 Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Keynote, prezi: https://prezi.com/kfitb-ynajrl/cambodia-conference/

Meeting with the Minister of Education.

Karlstad GeoGebra Day

Jan 2013 Karlstad, Sweden

Keynote, prezi: https://prezi.com/qedf-9-e4hpa/geogebra-karlstad/

Latin America GeoGebra Conference

Nov 2012 Montevideo, Uruguay

"Skype keynote"

GSOC Mentor Summit

Oct 2012 Mountain View, California

Google Summer Of Code Mentor Summit

SJSU GeoGebra Afternoon

Oct 2012 San Jose, California

GeoGebra teacher training, presentation


Sep 2012Lodz, Poland

Presentation about GeoGebra

GeoGebra IGI 2012

Sep 2012Warsaw, Poland

Annual GeoGebra Conference. Conference closing, moderating sessions

III Nordic Conference

Sep 2012Tartu, Estonia

Nordic network, Presentation, Opening keynote


Jul 2012Seoul, Korea

International Congress on Mathematical Education, 2 Workshops

GeoGebra ICME Pre-Conference

Jul 2012Seoul, Korea

Opening, closing, moderating the conference

RIMS Workshop on Developments in Computer Algebra Research

Jul 2012Kyoto, Japan

Development status of GeoGebra

7th Annual Conference in Mathematics and Statistics Service Teaching and Learning

May 2012Maynooth, Ireland

Keynote about GeoGebra, website.

Annual Spanish GeoGebra Conference

Feb 2012Barcelona, Spain

Keynote about GeoGebra status and development

World Science Forum

Nov 2011Budapest, Hungary


Student exchange

Oct 2011 - Nov 2011Bristol, UK

Tutoring 5 university students from ELTE

Annual GeoGebra Conference

Aug 2011Linz, Austria

Photographer and responsible for social media updates.

Mental Counting World Cup

Apr 2011Nürnberg, Germany

Tutoring the only Hungarian participant at the competition


2008 Budapest, Hungary

lema project. Translator of the materials and website.

Kürt Akadémia Smart Mobil képzés

2012, 2013, 2014Budaörs, Hungary

Android, Firefox OS képzés

Varga Tamás Napok, GeoGebra szekció

2012 novemberELTE TTK, Budapest

Konferencia szervezés, előadás, kerekasztal moderálás

Tudomány napja, matematika szekció

2012 novemberDunaújvárosi Főizkola, Dunaújváros

GeoGebra fejlesztés történetéről előadás

II. MeetOFF születésnap

2012 októberBazaar klub, Budapest

GeoGebra, Kickstarter, Google

Kürt Akadémia Smartmobil képzés

2012 októberKürt székház, Budaörs

Android előadás

Telenor Android vs. Windows Phone

2012 októberMilenáris Teátrum, Budapest

Kerekasztal beszélgetésVideo az eseményről

HVG Goldenblog díjátadó

2012 szeptemberA38, Budapest

Blogok jövőjéről tartott kerekasztal beszélgetés

New Tech Meetup

Apr 2012Budapest, Hungary

GeoGebra és Sage előadás Móra Péterrel párban.


Jan 2012Latovice, Slovakia

Okostelefonok használata az oktatásban.

Pedagógiai továbbképző

Dec 2011Budapest, Hungary

Tanártovábbképzés, mintegy 30 tanár részvételével

Online Pedagógia conference

Dec 2011Budapest, Hungary

Web 2 eszközök, Social Media a tanár (osztályfőnök) szolgálatában

Mobile Weekend

Nov 2011Budapest, Hungary

Android eszközök használata az oktatásban

Varga Tamás módszertani Napok

Nov 2011Budapest, Hungary

Modern eszközök a matematika tanár szolgálatában, GeoGebra Community

Telenor Android Workshop

Oct 2011Budapest, Hungary

Android eszközök használata az oktatásban.


Sep 2011Budapest, Hungary

GeoGebra előadás

Természettudomány tanítása

Aug 2011Budapest, Hungary

Modern eszközök a matematika oktatásban, s a fejszámoló világbajnokság tapasztalatairól tartott előadás

Matematika tanítása

Aug 2009Békéscsaba, Hungary

Matematikai modellezésről tartott előadás

  • The application of modelling tasks in the classroom – why and how? With reflections on an EU teacher training course // 2012

    TMCS Publication about modelling tasks

  • A zsenik is elkallódhatnak a közoktatásban // Index.hu // 11.07.2012.

    About the Hungarian education system.

  • Tanulni is segít az Android // Index.hu // 06.10.2011.

    Android applications for learning. Smartphones in the education.

  • @kobak Koren Balázs // Profilok.tw // 26.10.2010.

    Interview. The site profilok.tw is a collection of interviews with Hungarian twitter users.

  • A házit is megoldja a Wolfram Alpha // Origo.hu // 14.05.2009.

    About Wolfram|Alpha. At the time it was closed beta.

  • Balazs, Markus, Zsolt IGI conference, Warsaw 2012.
  • Goldenblog Goldenblog 2012.
  • Android workshop Workshop (with my daughter) about Android apps
  • ICME Pre-conference ICME 2012. GeoGebra Pre-Conference, Korea
  • GeoGebra Team GeoGebra Team fun photo
  • with my daughter with my daughter
  • Frisbee worldcup Beach ultimate frisbee world cup, Portugal
  • Budapest, Hungary
  • kobak.org (Skype)